MLS Fantasy Advice: 11 reasons you should join the party & finish the 2014 season strong

Transfer Deadline: Wednesday, 7 pm ET

I got a direct message on Twitter the other day from a friend who claimed that he was "done with MLS Fantasy" this season. After 20 rounds of learning the league, managing a squad and competing with other fans for prizes, he was going to throw in the towel with just a few months left. All that time, all that effort, left to rot when the real fun started.

With a massive double-game week beckoning, today's piece is dedicated to those who gave up, thought about giving up or never had the chance to because they never joined in the first place.

Whether you've never played fantasy sports before in your life, are new to MLS Fantasy this season or have been playing for the past few years, here are 11 reasons why you should join the party and/or finish out the year on a high note.

1) Because nothing beats reminding your friends about how much better you are than them.

2) Because the fantasy crew caters to fans like no other.

3) Because you hate being called a slacker.

4) Because being a quitter is even worse.

5) Because there are only 13 measly weeks left...and it's the playoff push.

6) Because Starting Lineup is the funniest, craziest, most free-flowing video series on

7) Because you need a good excuse for some me time every now and then: "Honey, I'll be in the office balancing the checkbook (i.e. checking to see if I can finally afford Thierry Henry)."

8) Because you can update your LinkedIn profile to prove to future employers how awesome you are.

9) Because your glory days are long gone and beating up on little kids in basketball isn't as fun as it used to be.

10) Because no other fantasy sports league in the world has professional players giving you insider advice.

11) Because it's a cool way to learn about MLS and its players with your kid.

Are you new to MLS Fantasy or have you been playing for a couple years? Why do you play the game? Tell us in the comments or send a tweet to @MLSFantasy.

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