World Cup: Zlatan Ibrahimovic apparently thinks USMNT's chances are "a big joke" | SIDELINE

For a player who has called soccer in America “very interesting,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic might want to choose his words a little more carefully should he ever seriously consider playing here.

That's because the outspoken forward's opinions on the US national team likely won't win him too many fans. He apparently thinks the USMNT’s chances of winning the World Cup are a “big joke.”

That was his response when TMZ tracked him down at Los Angeles’ Boa Steakhouse over the weekend, where he was instead of the World Cup because his native Sweden failed to qualify, and asked who he thought would win the tournament down in Brazil (video above).

“USA,” he said.

To which he was asked if he was joking. That’s when he responded with, “A big joke.”

To be fair, the interaction occurred before the United States’ big win over Ghana. And, also, this took place with TMZ presumably interrupting an evening out for the Paris Saint-Germain star.