The Merritt Bomb: Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson gets his own Photoshop meme | SIDELINE

As someone who follows the English Premier League closely and casually keeps up with the happenings in various other European leagues, let me first tell you this: Not all supporters love and adore their club's owners like, say, the Portland Timbers' Merritt Paulson.

In fact, many are downright hated for a wide range of reasons, whether it be lack of investment, lack of ambition or total absenteeism. Season-ticket holders often phone into radio shows and call for the owner to pony up the cash, or sell the club.

Paulson, instead, gets photographed while leisurely juggling a soccer ball on the practice field — admittedly, it's a somewhat goofy picture, but Paulson's a tall guy; Peter Crouch looks goofy when he juggles does any soccer thing, too — and Timbers fans turn him into a fun Photoshop meme.

We present to you, #MerrittBomb:


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