Drake at a Toronto Raptors game
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"I'm Goin' In": Jermain Defoe explains role new pal Drake played in his Toronto FC transfer | SIDELINE

Toronto-born rapper Drake is making plenty of "Headlines" and "(No) New Friends" in the soccer world these days, with word leaking out over the weekend that he helped his hometown club seal the deal on recently signed Designated Player Jermain Defoe, who was unveiled to TFC fans on Monday.

The 27-year-old musical artist stopped himself well short of saying it was "All Me," when he told the Toronto Sun on Sunday, "I just do what I can. [MLSE president Tim Leiweke] is the boss. It’s all Tim, really. I was just a piece of the puzzle, I guess.”

But it has become quite clear that Drake knows very well how to "Take Care" of business for Leiweke & Co. Defoe himself hinted during his introductory press conference on Monday that Drake's advice was some of "The Best I Ever Had."

"One night I was out at night in London having dinner and this number came up on my phone. It was Drake," Defoe told reporters. "You can imagine what that was like, it was quite surreal to be honest. He just said it is a fantastic city and that I would enjoy it. That the fans are amazing and there is a great sports scene -- not just football but also other sports.

"He just told me that if I came here the people would love me and that my family would enjoy it. He also said he would look forward to meeting me and showing me the city. It was a special phone call and I appreciated that."

Defoe is, of course, a big fan of Drake's work.

"As a musician, Drake is someone who is up there with the greatest in the world. He is special and has a natural gift from God," he said. "He is a special person and I respect him highly. I actually met Drake about two years ago in London and at the time I was like a little kid with him because I love and appreciate his music."

TFC "Started from the Bottom," but they hope Defoe can take them here.

OK, that last one was "Too Much," wasn't it? This blog post is now "Over."