VIDEO: Argentine goalkeeper gets hungry during game, bites opposing player in the back | SIDELINE

Move over, Luis Suárez; you've got company.

By now, you would expect players to know they can't get away with anything on the field of play, that cameras are everywhere and they will be seen. They will also be punished and ridiculed.

Yet, here we are — the second week of November in the year 2013 — with another player sinking his teeth into the back of an opposing player, like his cannabalistic actions won't be caught on camera and quickly beamed around the world via the Internet.

Martínez Gullotta is the name of the Argentine goalkeeper in the above Hannibal Lecter spoof. He plays for Boca Unidos in Argentina's second division, and he conceded all four opposition goals in a 4-4 draw with Union Santa Fe over the weekend.

So he did what any typical goalkeeper would do after conceding an inordinate amount of goals. He tried to eat another human being. Gullotta was not issued either a yellow or red card for his actions, meaning the referee must have missed it.

But the video cameras did not.

The MLS Disciplinary Committee would have absolutely no time for something like this, which leads us to the following question:

Say an instance like the above were to take place in MLS next year; in your opinion, what would be a suitable punishment for biting an opponent? Suárez got 10 games; should MLS go heavier and take an entire half-season (17 games)?