Oguchi Onyewu: DC United would be first-choice club in MLS | THE SIDELINE

[To hear Oguchi Onyewu's thoughts on potentially finishing his career in Major League Soccer, jump to the 2:22 mark. To find out Gooch is a really laid-back, funny dude inside a mammoth's exterior, watch the video from beginning to end.]

Onyewu did say, though — and this is the highlight of the video for most — "My ambition as of the moment is to continue playing at the top level. If one day that means to return to America and play in front of home fans, I'm definitely not against that." Right on, Gooch. I'm sure most US national team fans would love to see you give two or three years of quality service to an MLS side.

Where most American players say, "sure, I'd love to play in MLS one day," and that's it, Gooch continued on talking about the league. "Obviously I'm a Washington boy, so D.C. United would probably be first on my list to head back to. But we'll see."

It's all well and good that Gooch would love to play for D.C. United — who wouldn't want to finish their career in the city of their birth? — but might not be aware of MLS' allocation process for US national team players coming into the league. Given their start to the season, Gooch's best bet to join D.C. United would be to wait until the allocation order resets in reverse finishing order at the end of the current MLS season and sign with the league during the winter transfer window.

What do you think, D.C. fans? We know there's a lot of holes to fill for United; is center back one of them? Would Gooch be the guy to do it for two or three years?