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Armchair Analyst: Three things we learned from the USMNT loss to Belgium

Just kidding – there really weren't three things to take away from that 4-2 demolition in Cleveland.

Yes, the first Belgian goal was clearly offside. Yes, that was a bad play by Brad Davis, followed by a worse one from Omar Gonzalez. And it was also pretty bad by Terrence Boyd. And Clarence Goodson was back on roller skates after looking surprisingly nimble in the Snow Game vs. Costa Rica.

Oh, and Ohio St. offered Romelu Lukaku a football scholarship, and will probably match or beat what Chelsea can pay him.

None of that really matters. What matters is this:

Canada 4/0

Honduras 2/1

Costa Rica 1/1

Mexico 0/0

Belgium 0/0

Want to know what those are?

Shots on goal from the run of play, and goals scored from them so far in 2013, as dug up here.

I'm honestly not all that worried about the defense – if there's one area in which Jurgen Klinsmann's team has shown the ability to string together solid showings in games that matter, it's there. One friendly doesn't change that, and we have nearly two years of data to back that up, so I'm not gonna sweat it.

The US attack, though, has me perspiring.