Chivas USA expect to sign trialist Martin Aaron Ponce before transfer deadline

CARSON, Calif. – Chivas USA manager José Luis “El Chelís” Sánchez Solá expects to make at least one addition to his roster before the upcoming May 6 transfer deadline.

The Rojiblancos had trialists Juan Carlos Martínez Camarena and Martín Aarón Ponce in training this week, and Chelís alluded on Thursday to at least one of them sticking around for good.

“Aarón, I like him a lot,” Chelís told reporters. “He is in the position where we don’t have any players like him. I can’t compare him with anybody. I can’t say he’s better or worse than anyone else because I don’t have anyone like him. Aarón is staying.”

Ponce, 20, is a midfielder who played on CD Guadalajara’s second-division squad this season. Martínez, a 22-year-old forward, scored in Wednesday’s scrimmage against the Los Angeles Misioneros, but Chelís didn’t sound as enthusiastic about his chances to join the club from Guadalajara.

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“I have central forwards,” Chelís said. “I have Julio [Morales], Tristan [Bowen], [José] Correa and [Juan] Agudelo. We have those traits here, so [Martínez] will have to wait.”

Chivas USA director of soccer Francisco Palencia said he had nothing official to announce given that Guadalajara has yet to finish its season. He expected the club to make some sort of announcement next week.

“We have a couple players from Guadalajara here training with us because we’re interested in some joining us,” Palencia said. “The interchange of players has been very interesting. It’s not that one team is superior than the other; it’s the same level and we’re both working under the same system and methods so we can utilize them where we need them.”