What soccer jerseys would look like for all 30 Major League Baseball teams

Remember those cool mock-ups of NFL jerseys re-imagined as soccer jerseys from a couple years ago? And similar treatment for NHL teams? Well some other creative soul has done the same for baseball.

Just in time for opening day, Boston-based web developer Mark Willis has finished his three-month-long project of envisioning soccer jerseys for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. And the results are pretty cool. Much like the above mentioned American football and hockey shirts, Willis has customized each shirt with local flair and matched them with local jersey sponsors – e.g., US Steel for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chrysler for the Detroit Tigers.

Our favorites so far are the black-and-gray hooped Baltimore Orioles numbers and the simple yet sleek San Francisco Giants shirts that recall the MLS All-Star jerseys from last summer, complete with AT&T as the sponsor. There's also the New York Yankees shirt with the cool "27" above the crest as a stand-in for the Bronx Bombers' overflowing World Series title trophy case. (Click on the images below to go straight to the rest of the mock-ups.)

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