Referee Week: Jorge Gonzalez Special: An introduction to Referee Week

They’re the mystery men in soccer. They never touch the ball but play a massive role in every match.

But who exactly are the referees?

When’s the last time you’ve heard from a referee? What do you know about any single referee? Or about what their job is really all about?

And this year they have been in the spotlight like no other year for controversies that have touched a nerve with players, coaches, and fans alike.

This week at we’re going to go where no media outlet has ever gone, delving into the issues, the personalities and the lives of the referees. We hope to expand the conversation around officiating and explore how the job is changing and what MLS and the US and Canadian federations are doing to develop referees.

Starting on Monday, we will reveal these mystery men through a series of articles and videos:

  • 360 with referee Mark Geiger
  • an officiating quiz
  • You Make the Call with MLS ref guru Paul Tamberino
  • The Five Most Difficult Calls in the Game
  • and more...

And when the final whistle blows, we think you’ll come out feeling differently about the officials you see every week. If we’ve done our job, you might come out with a little bit more respect for them.

WATCH: A Portrait of Dissent
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