JP Dellacamera

Soccer Almanac: Top 10 local announcers

In all sports there is a special connection between the fans and the voice of the team. Soccer is no different.

Certainly nothing beats a live atmosphere, but when watching a game on television, the voice makes a difference. You want him — or her — to be knowledgeable, articulate and enthusiastic. The right voice putting things the right way can often make you forget that you’re on the couch instead of in the stands.

Recently asked fans to submit their votes for their favorite on-air talent from around the league as part of the 2011 North American Soccer Almanac survey. Here are the top 10 local on-air talents as voted by the fans.

  1. Arlo White (Seattle)
  2. JP Dellacamera (Philadelphia, pictured above)
  3. Taylor Twellman (Philadelphia)
  4. John Strong (Portland)
  5. Glenn Davis (Houston)
  6. Callum Williams (Kansas City)
  7. Brian Dunseth (Salt Lake)
  8. Dave Johnson (D.C.)
  9. Shep Messing (New York)
  10. Robbie Earle (Portland)