MLS Matchday 2011 iPad and iPhone app has launched.

MLS Matchday 2011 app for iPad released, iPhone app updated

Addicted to MLS? Need a constant supply of news, highlights, analysis, and even live matches?

Are you an Android fan?

The MLS Matchday 2011 app is out now, too. Check it out.

We feel your pain. And we’re here to help with the new "MLS Matchday 2011" app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

DOWNLOAD: MLS Matchday 2011 (NOTE: The app will be available in Canada later on Wednesday.)

The MLS Matchday 2011 app is free and has all the same great features of the previous version—which, by the way, is currently the highest-rated sports app in the Apple store—plus many new features, particularly on the video side of things. Fans will be able to watch up to 180 live MLS matches, and also stream video content to their Apple TV. (WATCH: MLS Matchday 2011 featured in new Apple TV promotional video)

Key features of the MLS MatchDay 2011 app include:

  • Live game streaming (via MatchDay Live available through in-app purchase)
  • Realtime highlights
  • Redesigned Matchcenter and improved statistical display
  • Matchday and newspaper modes (iPad)
  • Customized homescreen allowing users to follow their favorite Club
  • AirPlay allows users to send all MLS video to their television through Apple TV
  • Facebook chats
  • Customizable alert system

Sure, having all of this at your fingertips wherever and whenever you want means you’ll be sneaking out of parties or classes or weddings (maybe even your own) to watch the latest from Landon Donovan, David Ferreira and Thierry Henry. But don’t worry—your secret is safe with us. After all, we'll be doing the same thing.

DOWNLOAD: MLS Matchday 2011

By the way, for all you Android users, the MLS Matchday 2011 Android app is available now. Check it out!