Utah, RSL plan landmark partnership

one of two leading candidates to be the home of RSL -- are low enough to allow the city to fund a stadium without RDA money, the land on which the other candidate, Salt Lake City, would build the stadium would cost an estimated $20 million. That money would have to come from the RDA. Bramble, the sponsor of the bill, contends that using RDA money for stadiums diverts funds away from schools.

There was no indication at Thursday's press conference that the governor would veto Bramble's bill. Instead, the governor is now searching for a new avenue to fund the stadium in partnership with RSL, one that would allow Salt Lake City to remain in the running for the stadium.

The proposed stadium is estimated to cost a total of $60 million. Checketts has said he and the club will pay for half of that with private funds, with public money expected to cover the remainder.

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