Ty Maurin

Quiet Maurin impressing coaches

FCdallas.net had the opportunity to sit down with midfielder Ty Maurin and speak to him about the scrimmage that he performed well in yesterday, his low-profile approach for the "Survivor-Apprentice" competition and the similarities and differences between Dallas and Southern California.

FCdallas.net: Despite losing the match to Bodo Glimt yesterday, Colin Clarke praised you after the match for playing very hard and having a great performance. What do you think it was that caught Clarke's attention?

Ty Maurin: "I would guess he was talking about how hard I worked out there last night. Even though we were down 3-0, I kept going and working my tail off out there. I'm sure that's what they want to see. It's all about fitness right now and I'm just giving it my all. I gave my best last night and that's all I can do each time I go out there."

FCdallas.net: You did not appear in a match last season after being drafted out of UCLA; what would you like to contribute to the team this season?

Maurin: "Well I like to believe that I contributed to the team last year, too. It was different last year because I felt like I contributed during practices. I want to do the same thing this year; I just hope it translates to more playing time. Either way, I'm enjoying my time here and I look forward to helping out in any way I can. I'm not much of a vocal leader, but I lead by example on the field by what I give."

FCdallas.net: During the "Survivor-Apprentice" challenge where the players had to hang on the cross bar, you were one of the final guys left standing. However, you let Clarence Goodson and his team win the competition. How did you let that happen?

Maurin: "One thing I have to say about that is Clarence had a huge advantage. I have very small hands and his hands are absolutely huge. Have you ever seen them? I mean his hands were wrapped around the crossbar and he just hung there forever. The bottom line though is that I couldn't hold on anymore. It was very tough."

FCdallas.net: You seem to be a quiet, keep-to-yourself kind of guy. Are you hoping to quietly sneak under the radar and pull out the money in the end for this competition?

Maurin: "Well, I almost won the whole thing last year. Hopefully I'll do it this year, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm not going to reveal my 'Survivor' game plan."

FCdallas.net: Which player on this team has impacted your career the most over your one-plus seasons here?

Maurin: "I would have to say Oscar Pareja. Day in and day out, he works hard and is such a professional. I learn so much from him. He is a great leader and he believes that part of the reason he is here is to help young people like myself. He definitely accomplishes that."

FCdallas.net: Being a kid from the West Coast, how do you compare Dallas to Southern California?

Maurin: "I am living in Frisco right now, right by our new stadium. Frisco is very similar to where I grew up at in Southern California. It's similar because of the dairies and country that are in both Frisco and where I'm from. Also, Frisco is growing like crazy right now, just like Southern California is now and was when I was there. The only differences, which are two big ones, are the beaches and the mountains that you can go to in California."

FCdallas.net: What are some of the things you enjoy doing around Dallas that you are unable to do in California?

Maurin: "One thing is that I can enjoy not dealing with too much traffic in Dallas. I don't miss that about California at all. Also, the sports are so spread out in California that it's tough to get to too many sporting events. Here in Dallas, the local five professional teams (Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, FC Dallas) are all about 30 minutes away. The other thing is that you can get any restaurant you pretty much want in Frisco."

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