Pizza Hut Park progress report: July 15

Pizza Hut Park will make its debut on August 6, 2005 when FC Dallas hosts the MetroStars. The 21,193-seat soccer specific stadium and the 17 regulation-sized, tournament-grade soccer fields adjacent to the stadium will be the first of its kind in the United States and is now 22 days away from its historic opening.

This Pizza Hut Park Progress Report is meant to update the public on the status of the facility leading up to Opening Day. The report will be sent out twice a week with facts and figures regarding Pizza Hut Park and how the construction on the 117-acre complex is heading towards completion in several key categories. Each report will have a few important categories and their present status.

Stadium Seating

The stadium at Pizza Hut Park possesses 13,650 arm-chair seats with cup holders in the lower bowl. The seats are manufactured by American Seating, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. One unique feature of the seats is that each end stanchion contains the FC Dallas logo (attached in an electronic form on this email).

The south side of the bowl features 5,200 aluminum bleacher seats with a power coated balk rest to match the other 13,650 arm-chairs. The bleachers are manufactured by Sturdi-Steel, based in Waco, Texas.

There are 18,850 total seats in the lower bowl, including the arm-chair seats and the bleachers, but excluding the seating on the party decks, the suites and the club. The stadium holds 21,193 at maximum capacity.

18,850 total seats in bowl           100%
13,650 arm-chair seats               100%
5,200 bleacher seats                 100%