Pizza Hut Park stadium signage was put in place in preparation for the first game Saturday.
FC Dallas

Pizza Hut Park open for business Saturday

"There is really not a bad seat in the house" -- becomes a truthful statement, as fans will attest to on Saturday. Each section is only 30 rows high and when you walk into the stadium from the concourse you are at the highest point of the bowl.

At the FC Dallas Select-A-Seat Weekend event, fans continued to comment on how "amazing" the stadium was as they gulped down the complimentary Deja Blue water provided by the team. The most popular comment from the fans was that it was a whole new way of watching soccer. They said this as they took in the team's first-ever practice at Pizza Hut Park.

Okay, now back to the "fun facts" about Pizza Hut Park. Listed below are tidbits about the facility and how it was constructed following the groundbreaking on February 18, 2004.

Pizza Hut Park
Fact Sheet

  • 20,000 seat soccer stadium
  • 145 acres
  • 5,385 total parking spaces (currently has 2,466 on-site parking spaces)
  • 24.5 acres of off-site parking
  • 115,000 square yards of landscaped turf
  • Type of Turf = Tiff 419 Bermuda
  • 1,180 total number of trees
  • 10,790 linear feet of perimeter fencing
  • 46,000 linear feet of irrigation piping
  • 950 sprinkler heads
  • 2.5 surface acres of detention ponds
  • 12,500 linear feet of sidewalks
  • 10 concession stands on the concourse featuring a combined 82 points of sale.
  • 6,500 square foot private stadium club which will feature 82 permanent seats, a bar, and will have full-service restaurant capabilities (capacity varies from approximately 450 to 1,100 people, depending upon the setup of the room).
  • The Suite Level will have its own commissary to prepare food for the suites and stadium club.
  • The soccer park has two concession stands featuring a combined 10 points of sale. There are also four vending pods located throughout the facility, each of which can accommodate up to eight vending machines.
  • There are 475 wheelchair and companion seats available, which meets the State of Texas ADA requirements.
  • There are six women's restrooms and six men's restrooms in the stadium concourse, as well as six family restrooms. There are also restrooms in the Stadium Club, on the Suite Level, and in the Press Box. There are two women's and two men's restrooms located in the soccer park.
  • Within the stadium, for the men's public restrooms, there is one lavatory for every 250 people, one urinal for every 75 people, and one water closet for every 350 people. For the women's public restrooms within the stadium, there is a lavatory for every 150 people and a water closet for every 60 people.
  • The specifications for the LED boards at Pizza Hut Park, for both stadium and soccer park, are listed below:
  • STADIUM - Northwest and Northeast main displays are 19'-0" x 56'9 3/8" L 23 mm/ 99,840 pixels. Approximate weight = 9,315 lbs.
  • Two - South Fascia LEDs (east and west) are 4' - 0 ¼" H x 60' - 3 1/2" L 23 mm / 38,400 pixels. Approximate weight = 2,500 lbs. each.
  • East Fascia LED is 9'-7 3/16" x 24'-0" 23 mm / 40,960 pixels. Approximate weight = 2,700 lbs.
  • West Fascia Time Clock is 16' - 9 5/8" L x 3' - 6 ½" 34 mm / 6,144 pixels. Approximate Weight = 1,000 lbs.
  • SOCCER PARK - Two soccer park pavilion displays are 10' - 7 11/16" x 19' - 6 1/16" each 34 mm Galaxy / 16,896 each. Approximate weight: 1,400 each.