Jorge Vergara, co-owner L.A. expansion team

Jorge Vergara Madrigal is a visionary leader who has created Omnilife through his own means. In 1986, after his own business had failed (a meat distributor and an Italian restaurant) he found himself "fat, sick and broke."

He was an Independent Distributor of an American business that made health products. Vergara traveled to the U.S.-Mexican border to promote the products and was given the opportunity to open a market for the products in France, a country where he lived for some time.

Vergara decided to develop his own products: vitamins in liquid and powder form, in place of tablets. He realized that the diverse populations of Latin America (especially the Mexican population) presented his own idiosyncrasy with an opportunity to transform the multilevel system into one of Multidevelopment: a system that can adapt the distribution to the various expressions of Latin cultures, offering the best opportunities and contributing to a more equal share of the resources.

That's how Omnilife de Mexico was born in 1991, a business that in little time has experienced rapid growth, eventually transforming into Grupo Omnilife, which is now part of a select group of the 200 most important Mexican businesses.

Jorge Vergara has extended his philosophy to other areas such art, culture and sports as his he has continued his policy of investment and reinvestment.

Through that policy he has worked with sponsorships and investments across his many resources; in music, creating his own record label; or offering help to children, through his Foundation for the Children of the Planet; or the movies, where his participation has earned him the title of one of the 10 best producers of 2002, according to Variety magazine, being the producer of the academy award winning movie for best Screenplay "Y Tu Mama Tambien," in addition to "The Devil's Backbone," a work co-produced with Pedro and Agustin Almodovar. While working on "Cronicas" with John Leguizamo and Leonar Watling, Vergara attended the 2004 Cannes Film Festival with "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, his first production in English.

He has included soccer to his list of projects, acquiring the most beloved and popular club in Mexico, Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara, runner up in the Clausura 2004; and furthermore, he has recently expanded to other countries by acquiring the majority of shares of the club C.D. Saprissa of Costa Rica, which was champion on the national league in 2004.

Through his most recent efforts, Jorge Vergara seeks to continue "sharing the benefits with the community", because soccer will open the doors for more people to change their life, to feel better and to grow in every sense.

Jorge Vergara is therefore multifaceted in his projects and in his constant desire to effectively promote and fulfill the Omnilife philosophy in every area of life, convinced that success is born out of the personal fulfillment and happiness that people achieve doing that which they most enjoy.