Galaxy 4, Burn 1 -- quote sheet



On the result:
"Obviously, we are pleased with the win. That is what we want to do at home, win games. We wanted to (tighten) things up defensively and I thought we were better in the back today. Offensively, there were times where we created good combinations, some dangerous combinations."

On the team's play at this juncture of the season:
"Right now, being a third of the way through the season and having 18 points, we are pretty happy with ourselves. If we can do the next third in the same fashion and the third after that in the same fashion, then we will be very happy with where we sit at the end of the year."

On the play Andreas Herzog:
"With Andy on the field, we are always dangerous on set pieces. That is something he brings to the table for our team."

On the play of Sasha Victorine:
"It is nice on his (102nd) game to get a goal and almost have two. I am sure he is happy about that. I think that Sasha sometimes takes a lot of abuse because he is not considered as stylish a player as some other players on the field. He is a player that does a lot of things for us and works very hard."

On the own goal by Dallas' Steve Jolley:
"I am sure our guys would rather be knocking the ball in themselves instead of having Jolley knocking it in for them ... Then again, the service of the ball like the one on the free kick that he (Jolley) headed in was such a dangerous one. That is what we are trying to do - serve the ball and we know that it is either going to go off our head, or their head or it misses everybody. It is unfortunate that it counts as an own goal and if it should be anybody's goal it should be Andreas' goal."

On Chris Albright's recent performances as a right back:
"Right now, if you are talking about attacking outside backs in this league, I think the top two in this league are Frankie Hejduk and Chris Albright. Chris has really put himself into another level. I thought tonight, defensively, he did a good job too. He is still learning the position."


On his goal:
"Cobi (Jones) sent me a good ball and I was able to head it in. Fortunately, he gave me a good floating ball in the back post, the goalkeeper was caught out, and I snuck it inside the near post."

On scoring his first goal of 2004:
"Obviously, I was frustrated. I thought I should have had more goals earlier in the year, but I wasn't able to put them away. I am just happy to get started and, hopefully, I will get more throughout the year."


On the final result:
"We went back this week and worked on some things defensively, we thought that those defensive improvements would help us offensively. Today was better. We moved the ball well at times. There is still some work to be done. In the second half, we could have held the ball a lot better."

On Galaxy's attack:
"The midfielders did a good job of knocking the balls to the forwards, the forwards doing a good job holding. It allowed us to make runs and get the ball back. This really opened up the game for us."


On the Galaxy's first place position in the Western Conference:
"We are in first place and we wanted to stay there (this week). After the loss to San Jose it was important for us to win the next game. We set out in the beginning of the season to win the home games. If we win the next two games we should be in first place for a long time."


On the game:
"We obviously didn't defend very well. We gave up three bad goals at three bad times. The first half I thought was pretty even and then they scored. It was a terrible goal. We had the ball and it was a bad back pass. Scott (Garlick) doesn't clear it very well and they come at us and they're 2-v-1. I thought we did well for the rest of the first half and it was pretty even and could have gone either way. We were still in the game and come out and give up another really bad goal. Then we get back into it a 2-1 and give up another horrible goal. We didn't defend crosses very well - we let them boss us around. We made it too easy for them."

On the team's lack of offensive punch:
"We're not scoring goals. We didn't create as many chances as we did last week. We scored one but we didn't create as many."


On his team's performance:
"We just weren't good enough. We weren't good enough all over the field from the attack to the defense. We're not defending as a team and we're not playing as a team so that's why we're getting beat."

On whether the team made any halftime adjustments:
"We just talked about keeping it tighter in the back and not give up any more goals and we thought we could win the game. Then we go down and concede a stupid goal and we lost."

On his goal:
"It (the play) was a bit lucky actually, you know. I didn't see Sasha (Victorine) coming and I just flicked it and it went through his legs and it (the play) just broke for me."