D.C. United 0, MetroStars 0 -- quote sheet



On Zach Wells' game performance:
"I thought Zach was sharp. He made some good saves and kept us in it. It's important because I know he felt that he had too much adrenaline and everything to go back and play in L.A., and didn't have a good day last week and was feeling on that end that he hadn't handled the situation well. It was great to see him bounce back with a really great effort today."

On Ante Razov's performance:
"First off, good to have him. I don't think as a team we were quick and sharp enough. I thought we were at times hesitant and not doing things collectively, the way we need to. So it would be hard to really judge him. I think he still has a lot to offer."

On today's game:
"Strange game, chances on both sides. I think everybody felt the heat a little bit. On some stretches I thought they (D.C. United) did a good job of pressuring us and creating some turnovers."


On his 14-save performance and the result:
"I'd rather we won, to be completely honest. Whatever needs to happen at this point for us to win is what I want. Whether I'm busy or not, overall I'd rather get the win."

On D.C.'s chances:
"Not all of them were quality chances, but there were definitely four or five that were on target. They have really good attacking players. I was on my toes the whole game."


On D.C.'s attack:
"They created a lot of chances today. It was one of the toughest games that I've played this season. They did a good job. They put us under pressure the whole time. Zach came up big for us today. One a couple of them we got lucky, but they got lucky on a couple of ours."

On D.C.'s forwards:
"They create so much. They work well off the ball. It's tough because they have two guys that are willing to push forward and it's tough for our back four to stick with them."


On his first game with the MetroStars:
"I've got some work to do. I knew that coming in and I was hoping we'd get three points today. That didn't happen, but we're going to keep working. We know that it wasn't our best day and I look forward to the potential here. I think there's a chance that we can do something special. I need to work the next few weeks at training and catch up with the fitness."

On playing with Youri Djorkaeff:
"Players like that, it makes things a lot easier. I think the timing was off for me personally because I haven't been on the field and I haven't played with these guys, but the potential is there and the chemistry is there to be built on, so that's very exciting for me."

On Wells' performance:
"He kept the team in the game, that's for sure. That's his job and there's going to be games where the team isn't firing on all cylinders and that's his job, to keep us in the game and make saves where maybe he shouldn't make, but that's the job of the goalie and I expect nothing less from a fellow (UCLA) Bruin."


On how he thought his team played:
"We did everything right. Offensively and defensively we played the best game so far this season. I've very proud of them, the way they played ... they made pressure, the way they created chances. The goals will come I'm sure. I told them that. I'm proud of them."

On his team not scoring and what he thinks they need to do:
"It's difficult for them but like I said, we have to get our heads up and make sure that whoever we are playing next week we play hard."


On how he thought his team played tonight:
"We played very well. I just thought we still (were) fighting with the goal and we've just got to keep working. To come back up we have to keep working and things are going to get better because we're putting in so much effort and so much work and that's always something. We just have to get better. We showed today that we've really improved the last two games and now we just got to start scoring goals."


On how he played:
"All I can do is work my (butt) off and as a forward if you're going to have opportunities it's going to happen. If you're not getting opportunities then something's wrong, you're not doing something right, but I can't sit here and judge myself just on goals because there's a lot more to soccer than just goals. But don't get me wrong, I'm going to try my best to start scoring some goals because that's what the team needs right now. I have to concentrate on working on my game and trying to get in with the guys and play well as a team."


On the offensive side's play:
"We just have to finish, and it's not fair to the rest of the guys that we're up top and they're battling and these defenders are keeping zeros and we're just not scoring. We're creating all these chances and it has to be better from us up top and I'm sure we'll keep working and come around."

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