Barrett: The training room stinks

Ricardo Clark, Ryan Cochrane, Danny O'Rourke -- heck, even I connected 100 percent of my passes. We were wearing the red and white jerseys, weren't we?

These are all reasons to feel good about Saturday night. Unfortunately, though, the soccer gods were not looking kindly on Spartan Stadium, as five players went down with significant injuries during the course of the game (in addition to losing Craig Waibel earlier in the week). The injuries to Troy Dayak, Brian Ching and Brian Mullan, as well as to FC Dallas' Richard Mulrooney and David Wagenfuhr, will mark this as a game to remember, if only to wish it will never happen again.

Despite having logged significant hours in the training room, I am no Bruce Morgan (Head Medic, I mean Athletic Trainer for the Quakes, hereafter just Bruce). The full extent of these injuries has not been determined, and we can only hope the news will be good. It is extremely likely, though, that these guys will spend time in the training room.

That's right, the training room. The one place you never want to have to hang out. I don't mean to say we don't hang out in there. Shoot. it's like a social club most of the time. On a regular day it's like the team den, because the internet is hooked up on Bruce's desk and the TV that we fought so hard for and finally won in a collective arm wrestling competition with Bruce (five of us against him, it was the only way we were sure to win) is always on the Fox Soccer Channel. It's just that you don't want to have to be in there.

Having to be there means endless hours of electrical stimulation, ultrasound treatment, Chinese water torture (otherwise known as getting in the cold whirlpool) and friction massage, which is when Bruce says "Does this hurt?", and you say "Hell yes!" Then he does that for 10 minutes straight.

Having to be there means coming in two hours before training and staying two hours after, working with resistance bands and jumping on trampolines, balancing on the Dynadisc and riding the stationary bike. Having to be there means running the risk of not getting treatment if you bring food in the training room -- "No treatment for you!", accidentally leaving your shoes near the taping table and getting the stink eye in return, or getting a severe lashing for not showering before you get in the cold tub or on a table. Believe me, the training room is not a place you want to have to be.

Here's wishing a speedy recovery to all of those guys who have to be in the training room.