Alejandro Moreno Q&A

Ziggy, Los Angeles, Calif.

Alejandro Moreno: It is always a great honor to be a part of the national team; to get the chance to defend the colors of your flag and your country. When you represent not only your teammates, but also a whole nation, the commitment and the responsibility grows. It is the highest level a player can achieve and I am very honored and very happy about it.

Question: Discuss your hat trick over an eight-minute span against D.C. United this May. -- Brennan, Yorba Linda, Calif.

A.M.: It was very exciting. It seemed that everything I touched over that span of time became a goal. It is one of those things that happens only once in a very long, long while. You enjoy the moment and hope that it happens again.

Question: You did a great job filling in for Carlos Ruiz when he was injured - how do preparations differ when you come off the bench? -- Sal, Tulare, Calif.

A.M.: The mentality is such that you have to come into the game and have a positive impact. As long as you are mentally prepared, physically ready and able to come in, you can help the team out. I just try to have an impact on the game and help the team in the ways I am asked to do so.

Question: Before becoming a professional soccer player did you play any other sports? If so, which sports? -- Cheyanne, San Dimas, Calif.

A.M.: Not on an organized level. Growing up in Venezuela, you play a lot of baseball. I was fairly active, I played a little bit of everything, but soccer was the only one that I played that was organized.

Question: What has been the greatest game of your life thus far on the soccer field? -- Michael, Laguna Niguel, Calif.

A.M.: There have been many at different levels, but I guess the most significant one at this point would be the 2002 MLS Cup final. It is the one accomplishment with the Galaxy that we worked so hard to achieve. Stepping on the field for my national team is something that stands alone as perhaps one of the most significant things in my career as well.

Question: What is the greatest goal you have scored in your career? -- Mohammed

A.M.: I think that one is yet to come.

Question: Explain the feeling when you won the MLS Cup in 2002. -- Michael, Los Angeles, Calif.

A.M.: You have put in so much work and go through so many peaks and valleys and low and high points that when you finally get over that hump and achieve the goal that you had set at the beginning of the year, it is a release, it's emotional, it's exciting and it just shows how hard work pays off.

Question: Who is you favorite teammate and why? -- Dallas, Texas

A.M.: It would have to be one of two choices. Dan Popik is my carpool buddy and one that I share a lot of moments with and a lot of post-practice meals - especially a Chinese food buffet every Wednesday. Hong Myung Bo is also a very special person to me; someone that I share a lot of time with on the road. He is my roommate and he is a great guy to be around.

Question: What was the worst injury you ever suffered and how did it affect your thoughts about soccer? -- Ryan, Arcata, Calif.

A.M.: When I was about 15 or 16, I dislocated my right elbow - that has been the worst injury I have had. I have also had a couple of torn hamstrings, but that was the worst. It never affected my thoughts about soccer. I was angry that I was off the field and I could not wait to get back onto the field and to get back out there playing. It never entered my mind that I would stop playing the game because of injuries - it was just more motivation to get back out there as soon as I could.

Question: I look up to you as a player; did you have a role model when you were growing up? -- Jamie, Santa Clara, Calif.

A.M.: I looked up to Michel Platini. We are not the same type of player, so I did not pattern my game after his, but I never missed a game of his when I was growing up.

Question: How does it feel to finally have your Green Card? -- Justin, Chino Hills, Calif.

A.M.: It is a load off my shoulders. It is a process that is very important for me and for my family - one that we are happy to finally have over. It's one less thing to worry about. My family and I are excited that it is finally over.

Question: What can I do as an 11-year-old to possibly prepare for a career in MLS? -- Brady, Valencia, Cali.

A.M.: Work, work, work. Practice. Enjoy what you are doing. Believe that greatness is both attainable and achievable.

Question: How is it playing alongside All-Stars like Cobi Jones and Carlos Ruiz? -- David, Oklahoma

A.M.: They are great players, but we don't look at them as All-Stars, we look at them as teammates. As players, our relationship with our teammates is the most important thing. As long as we understand and respect one another and understand that we are a family, then our relationship as players on the field will be fine.

Question: How does it feel to have the L.A. expansion team playing in the Galaxy's home stadium? How will the rivalry impact MLS? -- Nick, Los Angeles, Calif.

A.M.: I think it is a good thing; it proves that MLS is growing and shows that we as a league are trying to move in the right direction. We'll find out more about the rivalry once it gets going, right now it is just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

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