World Cup: US national team opponent Germany is the tallest team at the World Cup

Some of the bestplayers in soccer history have been well under six feet tall. But that doesn't mean that height can't be an advantage in plenty of situations, especially set pieces and aerial duels.

So which teams are most likely to take advantage of these instances and who might be at a disadvantage during the World Cup in Brazil?

The tallest and shortest teams are listed below:

Tallest Teams at World Cup
Team Average Height (in.)
Germany 73
Bosnia-Herzegovina 72.7
Belgium 72.6
Greece 72.5
Croatia 72.3

Shortest Teams at World Cup
Team Average Height (in.)
Chile 69.3
Japan 70.1
Ecuador 70.3
Mexico 70.3
Honduras 70.6

If you are wondering where the US national team ranks in terms of height, their 23 players average a height of exactly 72 inches, good for the eighth-tallest team in the tournament. Their other two opponents in the Group of Death, Ghana and Portugal, rank 25th and 13th, respectively.