Watch David Beckham join in training with Inter Miami CF academy players

David Beckham - Training - Inter Miami academy

There are a lot of perks that come with having a high-profile name like David Beckham as one of the part-owners of your club. Some young academy players for Inter Miami CF got to experience one of them this week, as Beckham put his boots back on and hit the training ground with the club's up-and-comers.

The iconic midfielder shared a clip from the training session on his Instagram account on Thursday, showcasing a couple of jukes before slotting the ball into a small goal.

The club also shared a couple of videos of Beckham in action on his return to Miami's training facilities.

That is something the kids will remember forever, and a good example of one of the little things having Beckham on board can bring as Inter Miami look to establish an identity and culture from the ground up.