A soccer ball goes into the soccer net (generic)

On Sunday, Tottenham Hotspur scored a mesmerizing goal that undoubtedly left the "possession is king" truthers among us feeling vindicated in their beliefs.

The sequence leading up to the goal was dizzying — 48 passes completed in succession before the ball hit the back of the net — and left Queens Park Rangers gasping for breath and without answers.

Have a look and marvel for yourself:

It also got us thinking about some of the longest pass sequences which led to goals in MLS. So, of course, we summoned the stat gurus from Opta.

And drop knowledge, they did. Now, since we only have Opta number for MLS going back until 2010, that's what we're looking for.

Your MLSsoccer.com trivia question for this week is as follows: What goal, since 2010, was scored in MLS as a result of the longest preceding pass sequence, and how many passes?

Hint: Video of the goal currently exists on this site, so it's very much within your grasp.

Bonus question: One MLS team appears five times, including No. 1 and 2, on the top 20 list of longest passing sequences leading up to a goal since 2010 — which team is it?
We'll take your best guesses in the comments section below.