Transfer Watch: Carpi forward Marco Borriello reportedly in talks with Toronto FC, Montreal Impact

Marco Borriello - Roma - Close up

Rumors that Marco Borriello is headed to MLS appear to be heating up again, with the Italian forward’s agent telling Sportitalia that he is in talks with the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC.

Borriello, 33, is currently employed by Serie A side Carpi but was left out of the squad for a recent fixture with Udinese.

"Marco has several different possibilities," his agent Andrea D’Amico said. "He's a professional sportsman and has earned 7/10 ratings for several of his performances and he is still very hungry and can still achieve a lot yet. ... [MLS] is a possibility."

Last summer, the former Italy international was also linked to MLS after his contract with Genoa was set to expire but instead secured a move to Carpi. Borriello has played for a number of clubs mostly in Italy, including two stints with Milan, Roma and Juventus.

He has scored 10-plus goals in Serie A in four different seasons and has registered seven caps with the Italian national team.