Think you know former MLS forward Steven Lenhart? New profile sheds light

Steven Lenhart - San Jose Earthquakes - warm-ups

Steven Lenhart is one of the great all-time characters of MLS, a player whose antics on the field were loved and hated in equal measure around the league, while he helped both Columbus Crew SC and the San Jose Earthquakes to titles.

Off the field, the "bash brother," as he was nicknamed with Alan Gordon in the duo's Quakes days, was enigmatic. It turns out, there was a multitude of reasons for that.

In an illuminating profile by Sam Stejskal of The Athletic, Lenhart finally pulls back the curtain and explains what he was going through during much of his MLS career. From a college soccer player who didn't foresee a pro career, to unlikely success in Columbus, to personal tragedy that turned his life upside down, to his post-playing journey, it's all in the feature.

No matter what you thought of Lenhart the MLS player, you will definitely want to read the story behind the man. Check it out at The Athletic now, you won't be disappointed.