Socio MLS in LA 08

Once again, Socio MLS and Degree Men have extended their efforts throughout Los Angeles and Houston, and this time it was Project 2000 and International Youth Soccer Leagues who took full advantage of the program.

New members were given their official Socio MLS membership card, Eurosport catalog and Castrol cinch backpack, and leagues coaches were given an adidas sweatshirt and soccer ball to be used as the official game ball.

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Chivas USA was on site with their raffle wheel, giving away team calendars, team posters and scratch-and-win tickets for a chance to earn tickets to a home game.

The LA Galaxy were also there with their inflatable soccer kick. Each person that registered for their monthly raffle received a branded team hat.

League ref Joel Meza was present at the event and proudly wore his Socio MLS referee uniform and explained how he became an official by chance — while coaching the team Atlas, which he built into one of Project 2000’s top teams and now headed by a new coach.

The league's lack of referees encouraged Meza to volunteer, but he never imagined himself taking on the role as he was always known as a coach. However, he has now started refereeing full time and admits he is very serious about it.

Meza pointed out that there aren’t many ref’s coming up in the league and explained that with programs like Socio MLS and its many benefits, I will not be difficult to find new, young, ambitious referees coming out of the woodwork.

“Socio MLS has offered us help in all aspects of the league, but I’m especially glad that they offer our referees free courses, which we had to pay for before this wonderful program came about”, Meza explained. “I’m getting older and so are a lot of the other ref’s and I think that these kinds of programs motivate our young referees to keep going and eventually take over what we’ve started here at Project 2000 Soccer League.”

In Houston, International Soccer League president Roberto Guzman highlighted Socio MLS’ scouting events and considers his league to be one of the best in the city, which is why he is excited that many of its talented players will get the opportunity to show what they can offer on the pitch.

Guzman also mentioned league standouts Arsenal from the Under-16 category, a team which he see’s as one of International League’s best and who will surely be at the top of the list at Socio MLS’s scouting events.

“This league has many talented players and with the help of Socio MLS, many of them will have a chance to reach their dream of one day playing with the Houston Dynamo or any other team in Major League Soccer,” Guzman said. “For example, some of our most talented players is from the Under 16 category, Arsenal being one of the best and who I’m sure will catch the eye of Socio MLS scouts.”

In the end Guzman was content with everything Socio MLS offered his league during the event and mentioned that, “every player, coach and their families are happy that Socio MLS took them into consideration and at the end of the day it’s the big smiles on each and every one of their face’s that makes me thankful for this program.”