Socio MLS presented by Degree Men is a unique membership program created by Major League Soccer to connect with and serve independent Hispanic soccer leagues. Participating Socio MLS leagues receive a host of benefits that engage all levels of the soccer community from league presidents to players, coaches, referees, administrators, and families. Learn more about Socio MLS... .

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Wilf Thorne / Socio MLS

Socio MLS continues to be a big draw for youth soccer league teams nationwide. Nearly 300 teams of Houston’s La Unidad Soccer League and L.A.’s Super Soccer League have registered.

Socio MLS has worked hand-in-hand with local MLS Clubs along with Degree Men, Castrol, and adidas to provide the leagues with their most fundamental needs: new soccer balls, referee uniforms, certification programs for league coaches and referees, and MLS player development opportunities through Socio MLS Youth Scouting Days. Read more...



Participating MLS Clubs