Report: New York Red Bulls have no interest in signing Brazilian star Ronaldinho

Andy Roxburgh

If and when Ronaldinho ever lands in Major League Soccer, it won’t be with the New York Red Bulls.

That’s the latest word from RBNY sporting director Andy Roxburgh (above), who told Big Apple Soccer following the team’s win over the New England Revolution on Saturday night that the Brazilian star was never on the club’s radar.

“Nobody has ever approached us. We haven't been approached by anybody mentioning Ronaldinho,” Roxburgh told the site. “And the name suddenly came at us and the answer is no.”

Roxburgh’s comments come on the heels of a recent report on indicating that Red Bulls representatives met with Ronaldinho during the World Cup in Brazil last month. While Roxburgh confirmed that a meeting took place, he insisted that it wasn’t about signing the player, and that he has never had any personal contact with Ronaldinho or the player's agent.

“All I'm saying is this – as the sporting director of this club, and I can speak also on behalf of my other colleagues in the business, we have not been approached about him,” Roxburgh told the site. “Nobody has offered us Ronaldinho. No one has said, 'How much money?'

"I saw his name but I've never talked to Ronaldinho or his people or made any offers,” Roxburgh added. “And the answer is we wouldn't be doing it anyway. It's not a matter of did we or didn't we? Or who spoke to him or who didn't speak to him? A great player by the way, fantastic player by the way. He's not for here.”