Poll: Was Matt Besler's water bottle flip lit?

Matt Besler -- USMNT vs. Bolivia -- May 29, 2016

Matt Besler can flip a bottle, but he doesn’t have anything on Mike Senatore.

The Sporting Kansas City and US national team center back took a crack at recreating Senatore’s water bottle flip that went viral last week, showing his skills in a video posted to US Soccer’s Instagram account on Friday.

If we’re judging this purely from a flipping perspective, Besler’s toss – which was made while he was sitting down – is probably better than Senatore’s standing bottle flip. 

Unfortunately for Besler, we’re not judging on flip execution alone. The beauty of Senatore’s toss, which was made at his Charlotte, N.C. high school’s talent show, is in the showmanship. I mean, just look at this kid:

That's a performance. See how the crowd lost its damn mind when he stuck the landing? Besler didn't have a crowd, only some backing music. His flip was good, but was it the most lit thing anyone’s ever experienced? Was it even lit at all? Get out of your comfort zone already, Matt. 

Whose flip was most lit?