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Player Playlist: Music gets Kendall Waston in mood for work...and to clean

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Kendall Waston is currently unavailable to his MLS team, FC Cincinnati, as he prepares with his native Costa Rica’s national team to compete in the Concacaf Gold Cup. But, that doesn’t stop him from having a strong opinion on who on FC Cincinnati should have the AUX cord in the locker room ... and who definitely shouldn’t.

We sat down with Waston and learned that his sense of humor and infectious energy follow him both on the field and into his upbeat, fun taste in music. We also found out what music meant to him growing up and how it still impacts his play on the pitch, and his household chores, today. We even discovered that he has a pretty decent singing voice.

What type of music do you like to listen to before a game?

My favorite type of music to listen to before a game is either hip hop, reggae, or salsa.

Who’s your favorite salsa artist?

Hmm ... My favorite salsa singer would have to be Gilberto Santa Rosa.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

The best concert I’ve been to is actually also Gilberto Santa Rosa.

What’s your guilty pleasure, what songs are you embarrassed to like?

Maybe Rihanna’s song, (sings) "Work, work, work, work, work, work ..."

What role does music play in your pregame routine?

A big one. Sometimes before a game I need extra energy and I can always find that in music.

Who’s your favorite artist who’s hot right now?

My favorite new artist right now is ... probably Manuel Turizo.

What did music mean to you growing up?

Oh, when I was growing up, music was always played in my house on Saturdays when we had to clean the house. Whenever you heard music in my house, you knew someone was cleaning. And I still put on music to clean now. It’s still a habit.

Who in the FC Cincinnati locker room should be in charge of the AUX cord?

It would be me. But if not me, then maybe Fanendo Adi.

And who should never touch the AUX cord?

The coaches!

In the MLB they have walk up songs. The whole stadium blasts a song as a batter approaches the box. If you had a walk up song, what would it be?

(sings) "Ohhh baby I love the way ... every day ..."

Finish this sentence. Music is ?