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Player Playlist: What do Giovani and Jonathan dos Santos listen to?

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The LA Galaxy's Giovani and Jonathan dos Santos share the rare honor in MLS of two brothers playing on the same squad. Their close relationship and sense of humor shines through off the field, bringing a spark to training sessions and the locker room. As avid music fans, though, they’ve always got a playlist ready to get them extra-hyped for any occasion.

Before the Galaxy take on LAFCon Friday (10:30 pm ET | ESPN — Full TV & streaming info), ahead of Heineken Rivalry Week, we caught up with both brothers to hear what they’ll be playing on the way, and in their headphones pre-match.

What were your earliest musical memories?

Jonathan dos Santos: For me, the earliest memory has to be in Mexico, my abuelita putting on Luis Miguel. I’d say that was my favorite artist back then because that’s what my older relatives were always putting on.

Gio dos Santos: Luis Miguel! Also, Jonathan, what did we listen to a lot?

Jonathan: Tio Albert’s music.

Gio: Right, we listened to a lot of Cafe Tacvba, a lot of rock and espanol, because we have an uncle who was really into that. And of course we listened to kid’s music in Mexico. Oh, and Maná.

Who has the best musical taste on the Galaxy?

Gio: I like Ashley [Cole’s] taste. He likes a lot of R&B and hip-hop, but a lot of old-school, which is really chill but has really good beats and lyrics.

Jonathan: Oh, I really like Brian [Sylvestre’s]; it’s a lot of hip-hop which I like.

Who has the worst?

Gio: Ooh, that’s a complicated question because everyone’s taste is different.

Jonathan: It’s got to be David Bingham, the goalkeeper. It’s a lot of house and electronic, but the bad kind — bad, bad, very bad.

What do you listen to specifically before a training session or a game?

Gio: It depends on the occasion, but I mostly like to listen to Brazilian music.

Jonathan: For me a lot of the time before training it’s a lot of worship music. I have about an hour commute so I’ll listen to that for most of the hour; then as I get closer to training I might listen to a little hip-hop or reggaeton. And before games, it’s mostly worship music again.

What artists are you listening to right now that you’d want to recommend to your fans?

Gio: Grupo Revelação, they’re Brazilian and very good.

Jonathan: I listen to a lot of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott. And of course Bad Bunny and Becky G!