Orlando City bringing The Wall to Major League Soccer

The Wall - Orlando City - stadium - construction

"The Wall" is a term that has a very different meaning depending on the context. For the Cold War era, it usually meant the Berlin Wall, for example.

But in soccer, "The Wall" is an entirely different concept, though coincidentally also from Germany. As Will Parchman explains at Top Drawer Soccer, Borussia Dortmund's Yellow Wall, a giant safe-standing section for supporters, is the envy of the Bundesliga.

Make that the world.

Orlando City are in the process of building a new stadium, and the MLS club is emulating the eight-time Bundesliga champions by erecting their very own wall, a steep section at the end of the stadium for supporters groups that will be the first safe-standing section in an MLS stadium.

Parchman's article touches on the special nature of this development: American pro sports may have situations where supporters stand during a game, either out of custom or excitement at the events unfolding, but all-seated stadiums have been the norm.

And ultimately, if Orlando City's "Purple Wall" can offer the excitement and intimidating support for the home team as it does for Dortmund, it could become a not-so-secret weapon for the Lions in MLS.