The #MLSSoshies are back! Nominate your favorites now

They're baaa-aaack! As we count down the days until the 2016 MLS Cup, it's time to put another year-end MLS event on your radar: the second annual #MLSSoshies.

As you might remember from last year, their first, the Soshies make for a a year-end extravaganza recognizing exceptional player performance on social media.

Last year, we awarded a player for his overall best social game: Sporting Kansas City's Dom Dwyer, who took the fan votes in the category of "Most Social Player." But we also recognized a few others in special content categories; go here to look at all of last year's winners.

This year works similarly. The group voting for Most Social Player will start after MLS Cup -- the week of Dec. 13.

And now, fans, we again need you to help hunt down the best social posts of the season from players, and tell us who are the best MLS athletes overall on social media. Your nominations will be narrowed down by our editorial and social media team, and then you get to decide who goes home with each coveted award.

Using the comment section below, or using the hashtag #MLSSoshies, you can start nominate players now in five categories:

1) Most Social Player

Whether they’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, MySpace or all of the above, they’re just killin’ it. They’re experts with apps, filters, RTs, and are always up for sharing socially.

2) BFFs

Some players take their soccer friendships to buddy-movie levels. This category's for your favorite sets of MLS pals.

3) The Bigger Picture

There’s a whole wide world outside of soccer (we know, gasp!) and these players are capturing life beyond the pitch in the most unique ways.

4) Family Matters

Whether it's their wife, partner, kids, or otherwise, these players know that family is important, and they capture those quirky, cute, and downright lovable special moments with expertise.

5) MLS Pets

Whether they're cuddling their cats or documenting their doggos, these players know the true path to social media greatness: cute animals.

Let’s get social -- nominate some of your favorites now!