MLS, NWSL, US Soccer set to co-host head injury prevention summit

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The US Soccer Federation, the National Women's Soccer League and Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday their joint hosting of a medical summit, dubbed “Head Injury in Soccer; From Science to the Field,” on Friday and Saturday in New York.

Described as “a coordinated effort to provide greater information about head injury prevention and management in the sport of soccer,” the event will gather medical professionals and soccer administrators from pro and amateur soccer organizations with the intent to identify, present and disseminate “evidence-based principles, policies, and procedures regarding head injuries.”

A joint MLS/US Soccer medical advisory board of doctors George Chiampas, Margot Putukian, Ruben Echemendia and Bert Mandelbaum will co-chair the summit, which will open with a presentation of soon-to-be-released key findings and conclusions from the 2016 Berlin Consensus meeting on Concussion in Sport, as well as a day and a half of presentations by expert researchers and health care professionals knowledgeable on head injuries and concussions in soccer.

Throughout the conference, specialists will discuss state-of-the-art concepts, principles, mechanisms and innovative treatments for head injuries and concussions specific to the game of soccer for all ages, levels of participation and genders. Other panels will provide a forum for players, coaches, referees and industry leaders to discuss player safety.