Referee Drew Fischer - Video Review - August 6, 2017

Major League Soccer announced on Thursday that it has updated the MLS Disciplinary Committee parameters to account for incidents involving Video Review.

Specifically, the league has updated the Disciplinary Committee’s third parameter: where the referee sees an incident and does not issue a red card. Under the new, amended parameter, if the incident was checked by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) regardless of a review by the on-field referee, the Disciplinary Committee will only act in instances that warrant at least a two-game suspension.

If a play isn’t checked by the VAR, the MLS Disciplinary Committee will maintain its authority to issue supplemental fines and/or suspensions.

Additionally, the league announced that the Disciplinary Committee will continue to act on incidents that aren’t seen by the referee and VAR and on incidents that the referees sees and issues a red card. Misconduct that lies outside the Video Review protocol, including, but not limited to, simulation/embellishment, mass confrontation, public criticisms and use of offensive language, will be adjudicated according to the current disciplinary parameters.

The Commissioner can also issue supplemental discipline, including fines and suspensions, if he determines on-field misconduct has occurred or if he deems off-field misconduct to be detrimental to the reputation and image of MLS.

Additional information on MLS Competition Guidelines can be found here.