Join Matt Besler for a drink in Sporting KC's "Yule Log" video

The year-end holidays engender complex emotions – often joy, yes, but in many cases reflection, love, longing and any other myriad of human possibilities.

If you're looking for a drink by the fire and a brooding air, Sporting Kansas City have the video for you.

In a new twist on the old "Yule Log" videos, in which a fire is shown in extreme closeup, sometimes for hours, for those who were fireplace-challenged at the holidays, Sporting have made their own Yule Log video, with captain Matt Besler savoring a drink while contemplating...a particularly challenging defensive breakdown in 2019? Nah, probably more like the mysteries of the universe.

Not only is Besler enjoying what has to be some top-shelf spirit, probably brought down for a special time like this, his contemplations take place in a lovely study, that yule log burning brightly in the fireplace behind him.

After watching the video, which clocks in over an hour, you're sure to ask a penny for Besler's thoughts as he savored his drink and looked over here, and over there, and oh, that spot in that direction, too.