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Jillian & Susannah can feel the sunshine radiating through isolation from Inter Miami's Wil Trapp. The midfielder gives the ladies a private concert and shares the instant impact of coach Diego Alonso. Plus, he discusses his new new vida in Miami, what Zlatan smells like, and the first time he met the boss David Beckham. Born & raised in Columbus, where he played for 7 years, USMNT staple Trapp also sheds light on what we did not know about Gregg Berhalter! The ladies also can't help but talk Tiger King. Come feel the sun!

  • 7:55 - Tiger King
  • 12:15 - HERE FOR THIS: Carlos Vela GQ spread
  • 15:35 - HERE FOR THIS: Zlatan still pushing product
  • 17:54 - HERE FOR THIS: Challenges
  • 20:33 - INTERVIEW: Wil Trapp
    • 24:15 - How the Trapp family, Wil, Beth & Theo are settling in
    • 25:43 - Meeting the boss David Beckham
    • 27:54 - Wil shares what Zlatan smells like
    • 28:40 - Ohio vs. South Beach
    • 30:00 - Why he fits with coach Diego Alonso
    • 33:25 -There's a lot we did not know about Gregg Berhalter
    • 40:38 - Trapped with Trapp: Why is it only one "L" in Wil?!
    • 42:09 - Trapped with Trapp: Wil serenades us


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