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How Taylor Washington helps Nashville’s homeless community

Taylor Washington - Nashville SC

Nashville SC defender Taylor Washington continues to give back to his community, working closely with the Nashville Rescue Mission to help the hungry, hurting and homeless. 

From his upbringing in the Westchester, New York area to his latest professional stop, Washington has always been drawn to aiding those in need and felt empowered by faith. He’s seen firsthand how a simple gesture like helping at a local food center goes a long way.

“We weren’t just feeding them,” Washington wrote in _The Players’ Tribune_. “We were allowing them to be seen. Allowing them to be heard. 

“In a world where most people ignore them and step around them on the sidewalk, in that moment, when we put that food on their tray, they’re able to have a human connection that they don’t otherwise experience as often as they should.”

Washington hopes others, in the MLS community and beyond, feel compelled to help the less fortunate among us.

“I know how ‘big’ this problem can feel,” Washington wrote. “But if you just start with the people who are right in front of you, it can make a world of difference.”

Through the Audi Goals Drive Progress fund, Audi will be providing $20,000 to the Nashville Rescue Mission in celebration of the work that both the organization and Taylor do for their community. The Audi Goals Drive Progress initiative supports MLS athletes making an impact off the pitch through financial contributions to nonprofit organizations that create sustainable communities, foster equity and inclusion, and enrich the lives of those in need.