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How salsa music helped shape Jonathan Osorio's soccer career

JLab - Player Playlist - Jonathan Osorio

Jonathan Osorio first joined Toronto FC as a Homegrown Player in 2013. He started his rookie year off with an impressive five goals, which was enough to earn him a spot on the Canadian men's national team. Now, heading into his seventh season (and with an impressive 26 career goals under his belt) he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Midfielders, especially when they play like Osorio, need a ton of energy. So we touched base with Osorio to see how he uses music to power him through games. Osorio spoke with us about the presence of music in his life both on and off the field. It all started with his father’s influence; his dad used to play salsa from his native Colombia for his son on the way to games. Now his teammates are the ones to introduce him to new styles. Osorio also shared how he uses music to influence his mood before games.

What type of music do you listen to before games?

Before a game, I listen to a mix of hip hop and reggaeton.

What’s a song or artist people would be shocked you have on your playlist?

It’s funny, my friends put an old song on just the other day and we were all going crazy reminiscing about that time. It’s a song by JoJo ... I don’t know if people remember JoJo. It’s a little embarrassing. I think the song is called "Too Little, Too Late."

What does music do to get your mind right for a match?

It just gets me in the zone. It can calm my nerves or it can get me pumped up. Depending on how I’m feeling that day and what I need, I can change what I listen to to get myself where I need to be.

What’s your favorite new song right now?

My favorite new song right now is probably "Secreto" by Anuelo AA and Karol G.

In the Toronto FC locker room, who should definitely NOT be in charge of the AUX cord?

Oh, let’s see ... Drew Moor should not be in charge. I don’t like his music ... (laughs). His music sucks!

Who should be in charge of the AUX cord?

I would say Liam Fraser or Jay Chapman. Jay is usually the one in charge. I like his music.

Have you picked up any new genres of music from your teammates?

A lot of my teammates listen to trap music, which I’ve never really listened to before, but they’ve gotten me into it. I really like the way it amps up my teammates, so now I listen to it, too.

What’s the best concert or festival you’ve ever been to?

Oh, that’s tough! Drake has an OVO Fest every year, and I think two years ago was one of the best. I also went to Kanye’s Yeezus tour. That was amazing.

What’s your earliest music related memory?

My earliest music memory is actually from when I was small. Before games, my dad would play me his music, Colombian Salsa, before every game. There’s one song by La Sonora Carruseles that I loved as a child, and it’s stayed with me for the rest of my life.