Gaming star Ninja dishes on eMLS, "fire" New York Red Bulls jersey and more

Jerseys - 2020 - RBNY - Ninja

NEW YORK — The preeminent name in gaming and streaming, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has done it all in popular games such as Fortnite among others. EA Sports' FIFA, though, is something he played when he was younger.

As such, perhaps the star streamer could consider a foray into the elite gamers of eMLS? 

“You’re talking about FIFA? Hell no! I haven’t played FIFA since I was little," Ninja told from the league's FORWARD25 event in New York City, where he repped the New York Red Bulls and presented the club's new 2020 jersey.

Then he pondered it a bit more. 

"I mean, (Chad) Ochocinco challenged me like a year ago and I never took him up on that," Ninja continued. "Who knows, actually, give me like a week in that game bro and I’d be good.”

It's not as if Ninja is a stranger to the soccer world.

He played throughout his childhood, all the way up through varsity soccer at his high school.

“My parents and my brothers said that I had the most natural talent in the family when it comes to actually playing soccer, but unfortunately I was putting a lot more time and effort into playing video games instead of going outside juggling and practicing my ball touches," Ninja said. "I definitely think I could have had a career if I put all my effort into it.”

Ultimately, he opted for video games, which has worked out quite well. 

Part of Ninja's successes, which include a Fortnite session with Drake, is a partnership with Red Bull, paving the way for the gamer to present the New York Red Bulls' 2020 kit.

“I love Red Bull as a company," Ninja said. "They’re an incredible organization. They inspire everyone to push their limits and achieve dreams. When they asked me to do something like this for them, I’ll always help out Red Bull. I love them.”

Speaking of that jersey, count Ninja as one of the fans. 

“Dark mode! It’s fire, bro," Ninja said. "I’mma wear this all the time.”