Full disciplinary guidelines for the 2015 Audi MLS Cup Playoffs

Ted Unkel - referee - PRO - Professional Referees Organization

The Audi 2015 MLS Cup Playoffs begin Wednesday – with it come a new set of league disciplinary guidelines.

None of the 12 playoff participants picked up a red card on Sunday, meaning no players will be suspended for their first postseason match. Further disciplinary guidelines for the playoffs can be found below:

  • Any player who accumulates two yellow cards in the MLS Cup Playoffs will be suspended for the next playoff match for which he eligible, with the following exception:
    • A player who accumulates his second yellow card in the second leg of the Conference Championship series IS ELIGIBLE to play in MLS Cup, as playoff yellow card accumulation resets following the Conference Championships.
  • Any player who earns a red card in any MLS Cup Playoff match IS SUSPENDED for his next match, including MLS Cup.
    • If the red card occurs in MLS Cup, then the suspension carries over to the first regular season match of 2016.
  • Any player who earns two yellow cards in the same match IS SUSPENDED for the next match for which he is eligible, including MLS Cup
    • In an instance where a player earns two yellow cards in the same match, neither yellow card will count toward his playoff yellow card accumulation. For example, if a player earns a yellow card in the Knockout Round and then two yellow cards in the second leg of the Conference Semifinals, that player would be suspended for the first leg of the Conference Championship due to the red card/second caution but would remain on one yellow card for his accumulation total.
    • If a player earns two yellow cards in one match but his club doesn’t advance in the MLS Cup Playoffs, the suspension will carry over to the 2016 regular season.

View more information on the playoff disciplinary rules, including details on potential two-match suspensions and MLS Disciplinary Committee actions.