Andrea Pirlo FIFA 17 player data

With EA SPORTS releasing its entire database of player rankings for FIFA 17, we listed out the top 21 MLS players in the game, by overall rating, here. (It's 21 and not 20, because the last five players rounding out the list all tied with an overall score of 77.)

Toronto FC's Sebastian Giovinco beat out New York City FC's Andrea Pirlo for the top overall rating. But it won't surprise anyone that l'architetto topped every other player in the game in two categories: passing and free kick-taking.

In the former category, he outranked players like Cesc Fabregas and Francesco Totti. In the latter, he beat out the likes of Dimitri Payet and Lionel Messi.

The new version of the game launches on Sept. 27; here's Pirlo's player data to whet your appetite.

EA SPORTS FIFA 17: Andrea Pirlo ranked top player in two categories -