Don Garber, Jurgen Klinsmann share thoughts on video replay review

Commissioner Don Garber - Similing - Podium - Preferred Image

Video replay review earned a high-profile domestic boost with a pair of public pronouncements: US national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said Wednesday, in a video released by US Soccer, that he’s in favor of using video technology to review in-game referee decisions; and MLS Commissioner Don Garber told a group of Associated Press Sports Editors on Thursday that the league was discussing testing replay – with the International Football Association Board, which determines the laws of the game.

“The last thing you want to see is that a game is decided by referee mistakes,” Klinsmann said. “They’re human, they make mistakes. But we live at a time when technology is just outstanding.

“You can easily stop real quick and have the slow motion on the sideline looking at it real quick: Was it inside the box, was it outside the box? Was it a red card or not a red card? Penalty or not a penalty? Just take those 10 seconds and decide that, and not leave it up to the human decision that in that moment maybe saw it the wrong way. Technology is overdue in important decisions on the soccer field. It has to be part of the game in future times.”

Both Garber and Professional Referee Organization GM Peter Walton have publicly mentioned their support for instant replay, with Walton telling the Orlando Sentinel earlier this week that the sport needs instant replay and that he’s been “banging the drum” for it to be implemented.

"It’s encouraging for us to see Peter Walton very bullish on it," said Garber on Thursday. "I think the officiating community has said, ‘OK, we get it.’ Every other official in every other sport around the world is doing it. We can’t have the only person who doesn’t know some things are happening be the one guy in the center circle.

"I think they have an understanding that it’s going to help the game."