Split image: David Villa (New York City FC) and Nikolic Nemanja (Chicago Fire)

Welcome to another edition of "Discuss," in which MLSsoccer.com editors debate the topics of the moment in MLS. Our question this time: Who will win the 2017 MLS Golden Boot? David Villa currently leads the way, taking over for the leader for most of the season, Nemanja Nikolic, over the weekend.

Editor-in-Chief Simon Borg, VP of Video Content Jason Saghini, Armchair Analyst Matt Doyle, Senior Editors Nicholas RosanoBen Couch, New Media Editor Benjamin Baer, and Contributors Alicia Rodriguez and Sam Stejskal give their takes.

Doyle: Josef Martinez, Atlanta United

He's gonna score 1.5 goals per game over the final two months of the season and it's gonna be glorious.

Rodriguez: Nemanja Nikolic, Chicago Fire

He's hit a bit of a dry patch, but Chicago continue to score a lot of goals and I think that will take him to the crown come season's end.

Couch: David Villa, NYCFC

It’s time. Nikolic has one crazy run left, but there are too many options in the Windy City. NYC’s got the offense and David Villa’s got the range.

Saghini: David Villa

Nikolic: 10–11 left in 12 games
Villa:  9 left in 11 games

As much as I’d like a smashed record, my patented calculations, predictions, and historical MLS wherewithal tell me that Villa and Nikolic will end up tied at 26 goals for the year. That means it will be decided by assists and Villa’s 4 assist lead will not be overcome. 

Baer: David Villa

Nikolic has slowed down, partially due the fact that teams know him now, and Villa seems to be unstoppable right now.

Stejskal: David Villa

David Villa. No one's hotter, no one's deadlier and no one has more goals. He might run away with this. 

Borg: David Villa

Here’s the simple reason: While Nemanja Nikolic is in the fox-in-the-box breed of forwards, Villa can score from anywhere and in every way. It’s the reason he has 21 more shots than Nikolic and if the disparity is going to be that pronounced, the edge has to go to Villa.

Rosano: David Villa

Villa has the lead, he's in-form, and where Nikolic has fallen off after an otherworldly run in spring, Villa has been a consistent goalscorer throughout the year and will continue to be that guy. It'll take him to the Golden Boot, but not a new single-season goals record.