Discuss: Are you cool with Jermaine Jones wearing a Mexico jersey?

THUMB ONLY: Jermaine Jones wearing/holding up Mexico jerseys

Welcome to another edition of "Discuss," in which editors debate the topics of the moment in MLS.

This week we're taking a look at a photo that turned some heads: LA Galaxy and US national team midfielder Jermaine Jones sporting Galaxy teammate Giovani Dos Santos' Mexico jersey and holding up a Chicharito jersey as El Tri continue their quest for the Confederations Cup:

Given the on-field enmity between the US and Mexico, the question was a simple one: You cool with a US mainstay rocking the jersey of your rival?

Ben Couch, Senior Editor

Context is everything. It’s not like this happened on the bench for US-Mexico. Or out shopping for groceries (USMNTers – they’re just like us!) It’s Gio’s jersey. And isn’t Chicharito supposedly coming to LA anyway? That’s just rolling with the homies.

Simon Borg, Editor-in-Chief

There are many ways to support your teammate or fellow professional that don't involve wearing the colors of your most heated rival.

If you were a US or Mexico supporter talking up USA vs. Mexico as one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports just a week ago, seeing an active US player wearing Mexico green just cannot go unnoticed. Think about soccer's big rivalries: Would an Argentina fan ever wear a Brazil jersey unless they lost a bet?

Ben Baer, New Media Editor

I don't care.

Arielle Castillo, Senior Editor

I long ago decided to stop dying on the hill over stressing about what other people are wearing.

Nick Rosano, Senior Editor

Who cares? If you care more about this than what a player does on the field (or really care about this at all) then I can't take your soccer opinions seriously.