The debate rages on: To celebrate a goal against a former team, or not?

GOAL: Chris Pontius calmly tucks the Ilsinho dish past the keeper

Ah, transfer windows. How quickly they tear our hearts asunder, leaving former friends and family on some Montague-Capulet divides. Uh, enough flowery language -- trades can make things emotionally confusing, okay? One day, you're a player on a team you love, and the next day, you're scoring on that team because, sports.

Back in May we discussed this -- do you celebrate a goal against a former team? And indeed, this past weekend of MLS action yielded two instances in which players had to make that decision on the spot.

Chris Pontius, now of the Philadelphia Union, finished a pass from Ilsinho for a goal against his former team, D.C. United. It helped his new team tally an ultimate 2-2 draw, but in the moment, he chose not to celebrate.

(That didn't stop the Union themselves, though.)

Meanwhile, on Saturday night at the RioT, Real Salt Lake came out victorious 3-1 over visitors the Chicago Fire. But the Fire's lone goal came courtesy of Arturo Alvarez, himself also a former RSLer, five years back. He, too, opted for a relatively muted hand up afterwards.

So -- what's the etiquette? Weigh in here!

Is it okay to celebrate a goal against a former team?