Chicharito rumored to go up for sale -- MLS still a possibility?

Chicharito - Mexico - close up

Here's a juicy transfer rumor during yet another period of fantastic speculation. Bayer Leverkusen could potentially put Mexican superstar Chicharito up for sale this summer, according to the Guardian. His contract with the Bundesliga side runs through June 2018, but the UK newspaper reported that Leverkusen are looking to cash in before that.

Chicharito headed to Germany in August 2015, after a stint on loan to Real Madrid from Manchester United. But before that, plenty of MLS rumor buzz swirled around the striker, particularly linking him to Orlando City. Obviously, that didn't pan out, and he showed up at Leverkusen blazing for a particularly goal-filled 2015-2016 season.

But you never know what could happen in a crazy summer transfer window, and bad winter weather has a bunch of stuck inside on Saturday, so we can dream, can't we? Chicharito himself has offered kind words for MLS in the recent past.

So if he were to wind up in the league this summer, where would be be most likely to go? While he would prove a star anywhere, there are a couple of teams a bit more likely to figure in all of this hypothetical talk.

The first, obviously? Orlando City. In January 2016, he confirmed talks with the team the previous year. The team's new stadium should help catapult them with some added momentum this season, and he'd pair particularly well with Cyle Larin on the attack.

The other option? LAFC. At this starting point, they could basically build the team to suit him; fans in L.A. would certainly welcome him. The team has also openly announced they're pursuing him.

Anyways, speculation is fun! Where would you want Chicharito to go in MLS?