Castillo: With Jurgen Klinsmann out, will these MLSers get a look with US?

If you feel your chair still subtly shifting and rolling as you click away, it’s probably just the residual shockwaves from the biggest piece of US-soccer-scene news in a while. By now, we’ve digested many takes concerning US Soccer’s dismissal of Jurgen Klinsmann on Monday, many placing his legacy in context of his failures, controversies and yes, successes.

But above all else, most of us are wondering just how the team will look once his successor, Bruce Arena, takes over, right? In recent months, Klinsmann had seemed to make a semi-refreshing shift, calling up some untested youngsters, starting with last January’s camp. But maybe that wasn’t quite enough of a shake-up; his latter-day reputation is of a coach who often relied heavily on vets, perhaps often to a fault.

So a new coach has to mean fresh, or like-fresh blood. Who’s your wish list for guys in MLS who you wish would get another look?

Darlington Nagbe: Did this Timbers Darling really decline a call-up this past October, due to real-life issues? We may never know the full details, but if he did decline, and that did burn a bridge with Klinsmann, maybe the gaffer’s ouster will provide a welcome reset. Klinsmann himself heaped praise on the midfielder’s diversity and ability on the counter back in 2015. Heck, even just this weekend, he did so again, saying Nagbe would definitely be back with the team. It’s hard to imagine Arena won’t at least consider giving Nagbe another call-up.

Benny Feilhaber: SKC’s darling didn’t waste much time expressing, in one succinct emoji, how he felt about the news. He proved his worth with before, though it’s been some years, since, with politics and drama ostensibly keeping him away. It would be super fun to see how his hunger and/or pent-up feelings might play out in the USMNT’s often-troubled midfield.

Sacha Kljestan: Kljestan made good in earlier World Cup Qualifying matches – against Trinidad & Tobago, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He also proved his mettle during this past fall’s friendlies. So we’ll never really know why Klinsmann called him up for this last pair of World Cup qualifying matches, only to never let him see the field. At those times when it’s unclear just who the US squad’s No. 10 is, maybe it’s worth seeing how Kljestan steps up to that role.

Castillo: With Jurgen Klinsmann out, will these MLSers get a look with US? - //

Dax McCarty: Another selection from the Red Bulls, we all want Dax in the midfield, full stop. Let him combine with Sacha, and then test out how that might fit with guys like Nagbe, Michael Bradley, even Lee Nguyen. (We can enjoy a good daydream, right?)

Matt Hedges: File him under a similar category as some of these other guys whose hunger is only fueled by years of perceived snubs. After a call-up in 2015, it’s the MLS Defender of the Year’s time.

Bill Hamid: With Tim Howardout for an undefined time, it’s time to add some goalkeeper depth. Brad Guzan, with only a little  bit of club playing time, can’t hold it down alone, and contenders like Ethan Horvath and William Yarbrough are still a little green. Re-enter tested vet Hamid.

Sebastian Lletget: While this one is a super-wish-list, maybe it’s not so far-fetched with Arena on the job. Lletget’s taken on a new role this year for the LA Galaxy and helped make the club’s midfield formidable. While he’s probably not ready for the biggest stages, it could be worth calling him to January camp, at least.  

Landon Donovan: Perhaps this is more wishful thinking, even of the trolly variety, but let’s roll with it. Landon’s been in fine form for his club, and if 37-year-old Rafa Marquez can hold it together for El Tri, 34-year-old Landon can get back into shape for his country. Pretty much everyone would want to see him don a US kit again, too, even if it was only for a few minutes as a sub. How great would a victorious Donovan/Arena international-competition farewell tour be in 2018?

These are just a few quick thoughts. Of course, please leave yours in the comments. Who’s your fantasy 18 for the next USMNT match?