The Call Up

The Call Up: Mark-Anthony Kaye on what you don't know about Carlos Vela

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It's the return of LAFC fan favorite Mark-Anthony Kaye to your eyes and ears! The midfielder discusses his third year in MLS, Bob Bradley's jokes, yogi tips and what you don't know about Carlos Vela. Plus, does he really make "the best apple pie in MLS?!" Jillian and Susannah, along with MAK, address the personalities of the LAFC locker room, their quarantine impulse buys and how they've (kind of) found zen. Pull up a chair, get to know the real MAK and let's hang!

  • 1:20 - Quarantine impulse buys
  • 4:00 - Goalie Wars?! Yes please, in 2020
  • 11:05 - The Call-Up Cares: LAFC
  • 12:11 - Mark-Anthony joins the show from his LA patio
  • 17:54 - How he makes the best apple pie in MLS
  • 23:05 - A future in broadcasting for MAK?
  • 27:45 - Bob Bradley's ... got jokes?!
  • 31:00 - His L O V E for the 3252!
  • 34:40 - Why his mom loved the name Mark-Anthony
  • 39:50 - Say what about Carlos Vela?!
  • 42:06 - Deep dive into the LAFC locker room


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